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KFZ - Biete GS/A zum Verkauf / GSbreak for sale
Mai 09, 2019, 10:53:29 Vormittag
I'm selling my GS break with 137000km. SLO/YU model with round headlamps. Second owner from 2007. Completely renewed in 2013: all 4 doors new (NOS), new paint, timing belts, exhaust (also colector pipes and carburetor heating pipes), all necessary gaskets on engine, suspension, many details... Very nice original interior. 16000km driven since renovation. Very reasonable price - 4900 eur.
info on or +38631398442
KFZ - Biete GS/A zum Verkauf / GSA Pallas for sale
April 20, 2019, 09:22:28 Nachmittag
Owner from 2002, 200000km, new timing belts and spheres at 175k. New paint and new (NOS) 5th (trunk) door in 2015, then crashed to the left side. Chassis ok (front lower arm only was damaged and changed). Location Slovenia, price 500eur.
Details on or +38631398442.

KFZ - Biete GS/A zum Verkauf / GS club 1975 for sale
August 31, 2018, 01:29:11 Nachmittag

I'm selling nice GS 1,2 club, 1975. Second owner (since 2001), 145000km. Stored in garage since 2005. Generally in good condition but needs some"refreshment". 5 speed short ratio gearbox built in (original 4 speed also available). Burned paint on rear right door (from chimney). Aditional: original wheels, new rear lights, extra dual focus front lights (one new and one used), 5 good spheres.
I belive 1800 eur is a fair price.
Location: Slovenia

Detailed photos and information on mail/phone: +38631398442,

I have 2 alloy wheels for sale. Price 60 eur, location Slovenia.

tel.: +38631398442,
I hope english language is ok.
I Have GSA 1,3 G13/649 engine for sale. It has around 160000km driven. Price 150eur, negotiable a little bit (+many other parts, used and new).
Location: Slovenia.
tel: +38631398442,